Think about these two facts: people spend over three billion minutes on Facebook every day and people share twice as much content on Facebook as they do via e-mail. If you are not yet marketing on Facebook, get out there! Right now!

So how can you use Facebook for marketing? Let´s take a look at The Cheese and Burger Society and how they achieved success with Facebook marketing.

The Cheese and Burger Society is a Facebook page promoting Wisconsin cheese by talking about burgers and grilling.

There is also a Cheese and Burger Society website. When you enter the website you have two choices. You can go to the shop and find products like t-shirts and cups with ‘The Cheese and Burger Society’ logo, or you can click on sweepstakes. Once consumers click there, the Facebook marketing starts.

To keep you updated and informed about giveaways and contests, you have to like The Cheese and Burger Society on Facebook. This is called fan-gating or like-gating. Do abide by the special terms set up by Facebook when using fan-gating or promotions. For more info look here and here.


The Cheese and Burger Society also created an app, which enables you to send a cheeseburger to a friend! This tactic is called ´Send to a Friend´ and is used to increase engagement. ‘Send to a friend’ is easy and fun: it’s likely to promote viral visibility. To use the app, The Cheese and Burger Society asks to gain access to your personal information. This information can be very valuable for the marketer to see which people are interested in your product, this is essential in developing personas and target markets. The Cheese and Burger Society also asks you to send messages under you name. This might cause resistance among users, which is why you can allow, or not allow this and continue.


The Cheese and Burger Society asks fans to post pictures and videos with their burgers. Photos and videos get a better EdgeRank. Facebook´s EdgeRank determines what shows up on fans news feeds. Click here to see how to take full advantage of photos and videos on your page.


The Cheese and Burger Society case shows several ways to use Facebook for innovative marketing practices. It teaches three main things. First, notice how the conversation is elevated to topics larger than the brand. Second,  a marketer must find creative ways have to engage fans with photos and contests. Lastly, marketers should harness the power of social media by allowing users to invite their friends to join in the activity. On this site, a special ´share with a friend´ app allows fans to share content.

Although The Cheese and Burger Society achieved social marketing success by these three teachings, they are not the only teachings to success on Facebook marketing. There are a lot of other tactics to reach Facebook marketing success. To read about more about Facebook marketing and make your company a success on Facebook, visit Facebook’s own marketing page.


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